Date added: 04/13/2015 4 Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Clothes Stay Like New For Long


What kind of detergents do you use


What kind of detergents do you use - Harsher the detergent, the quicker the clothes will wear leaving them dull and worn off. Always use mild detergents for washing since some kids can be allergic to chemicals.

Separate clothes for separate occasions


Separate clothes for separate occasions - Kids will play and get dirty, no matter what. The ideal solution is to separate the play clothes from the non-play ones. No harm in going thrifty on play clothes since you will need a lot more of them. And habituate your kids to change their clothes before their playtime.

Organic baby clothes



 Fabric is very important - although synthetic clothes are hassle free, they can cause more harm than good especially because of the very harsh chemicals that are used in their production. Organic or natural fibers on the other hand are harder to manage but outweigh in their benefits on health benefits and sustainable living. Organic cotton baby clothes made of organic cotton and bamboo are a better choice especially when kids normally wear their clothes for extended periods of time like in childcare or pre-school.


Adjustable clothes


Adjustable clothes - Your kids are growing up right before your eyes. In these formative years, today’s fit can be too small the next week or month, if you are lucky. Use clothes like pants, jeans which are with adjustable waists. Buying one size bigger is great way to make the most of kids clothing.