Date added: 03/10/2016 Why Organic Clothing Should Be On Your Shopping List For Your Baby?


Organic Baby Clothing is made by using natural material with the processes of organic. There should be absolutely no use of synthetic or chemical substances in such kind of clothing. The material used in Organic Baby Clothing made of natural fibers such as



It is natural that numerous new mothers begin checking the advantages of organic baby clothes, natural care products and organic food. I have made a list of the reasons why organic clothing should be on your shopping list for your baby below: 

Health of your Baby

A child is the most vulnerable to its environment in its early years and the skin of kid is more absorptive than others skin. They absorb toxins at the higher rate than an adult. The chemicals used to manufacture and grow non-organic cotton may be absorbed by the human body through the skin, and in the case of a kid’s skin, this may cause harmful for baby’s safety and health through asthma, rash, chemical sensitivities and allergic reaction. Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for the skin of baby because it is processed and grown without any use of harmful chemicals. So, it’s very important you should buy organic clothes for your baby.


Organic cotton clothes are powerful as they have gone through less processing than normal cotton clothes. Typically, organic clothing may be washed up to 10 times more than conventional cotton clothes. Thus, they are normally very expensive. If you are a parent and planning on having next kid, then this investment may surely add up because you may save them for your next child.


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The Green Choice

Generally, we take cotton as a harmless, natural fiber. Although, do you know that cotton is known as world’s “dirtiest” crop? The cotton plant needs more fertilizer and pesticides than any other crop we grow. More than 16% of the globe’s insecticides and 25% of the globe’s pesticides get dumped on this one crop. Conventional cotton is harvested and grown via a chemically intensive process in order to manage the development of plants, remove pests and make the crop for harvest. After the harvesting of conventional cotton, it is commonly finished, dyed and bleached with another concoction of chemicals like allergenic and toxic. Organic production processes maintain and fill up soil fertility, decrease the usage of toxic fertilizers and pesticides, and give to biologically  agriculture.

Assisting Other Families

Over 20,000 deaths happen every year from pesticide poisoning. The WHO states that these deaths arrive from cotton farms. Organic cotton farming promotes clean soil, water and air which mean the families and children living in cotton farms don’t need to suffer from the fate.
By selecting organic cotton clothes, you will help to decrease the pesticide contamination of our earth, increasing the quality of our health and sustainable farming practices. So, clothing must be naturally produced or grown. They must be organic and natural.

Live naturally, live well, live long!!